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Hair Mask

Good facial care consists of more than just applying a cream every morning. For radiant skin, it is important to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin. Het Cosmetic House offers an extensive range.

ShampooBars Hair Mask Bar Papaya Cherry
Hair Mask Bar Papaya Cherry Do you suffer from dry, tangled, and/or frizzy hair? Then this ultra-soft and nourishing Hair Mask Bar with the delicious scent of Papaya and Cherry is the solution. Does your hair need a boost in addition to using a conditioner (Bar)? Various nourishing ingredients, such as coconut oil and shea butter, ensure soft and well-groomed locks. It gives the hair elasticity and has a detangling effect. With this, you literally create a neat, soft, and easy-to-comb haircut in no time at all! Do you style your hair with heat: think of blow-drying, curling iron, etc., then this is a very suitable hair mask. Natural extracts provide a protective layer around the hair (no silicones!). Ideal to use for styling. Use Hair Mask Bar Papaya Cherry Wash your hair as usual (preferably with dry hair with a mild and nourishing Shampoo Bar) and rinse. Hold the Bar under the warm tap for a while to soften the butter and oils in the Bar. Rub the Bar over your ends. Please do not use it on the roots of your hair because that can make your scalp feel greasy quickly, and you get a difficult volume in your hair. Leave for 5 min Wash during the 'moving in the moment' with a Body Bar and think about what you're wearing that day.

Why use a hair mask?

A hair mask cares for your hair more deeply than a hair conditioner. Therefore a mask is the ideal care product to give your hair something extra. For example after intensive use of a straightener or blow-dryer or after a vacation with lots of sun and sea.

With a mask you repair the damage your hair has sustained. Our advice is to use a hair mask every week so your hair becomes healthy again. Does your hair need a lot of nourishment? Then you can also use a hair mask as a cure. You then use the mask several days a week for a longer period. This gives your hair the chance to recover.