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Nail files

Good facial care consists of more than just applying a cream every morning. For radiant skin, it is important to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin. Het Cosmetic House offers an extensive range.

IK Skin Perfection Nagelvijl
I Skin Perfection Nail File Take care of your nails with this nail file from Ik Skin Perfection
Cenzaa Nagelvijl
Cenzaa Nail file Take care of your nails with this nail file from Cenzaa

What does a nail file do?

A nail file is meant to maintain the nails. Dirt under the nails can be removed with the help of a nail file. You can also use a nail file to shape the nail edges by filing them. This way, you create your desired nail shape and keep the length of the nails under control without having to cut them. 

Do's and don'ts when filing your nails.

A suitable file and filing your nails correctly will prevent the layers of nails from becoming loose or damaged. It is importantnever to move the file from left to right when filing. This movement will damage your nails. There are three ways to file your nails:

  1. Filing one way. This is the best way for an excellent result; this will not damage your nails.
  2. From the sides to the middle. You can also file your nails by filing from left to right and right to left until it meets in the middle.
  3. Filing vertically. From top to bottom. This will close the nails nicely.